To Stop Deadly Overdoses, ‘The Opioid Fix’ Urges Better Use Of Tools We Already Have

“The coronavirus pandemic is, regrettably, expected to aggravate the opioid overdose situation,” claims Barbara Andraka-Christou, an assistant professor of wellness management as well as informatics at the University of Central Florida.

“Many people are experiencing triggers, such as household- or job-related anxiety, that may lead them to relapse,” she claims. “Many individuals are losing their tasks and also the funds essential to spend for lifesaving health and wellness care. Those of us working in public wellness research study are really concerned.”

Proof is already emerging that overdoses are up in the initial fifty percent of the year, based on preliminary records.

Andraka-Christou likewise sees a “silver lining” to the pandemic, as federal and also state officials have temporarily relaxed some of the rigorous regulations regulating the medical therapy of opioid addiction.

It returns to this moral assumption that substance abuse is a choice. And also absolutely the very first time, it typically is. However to create a condition where you’re compulsively making use of something with awful repercussions? At a certain point, it’s no more an option. Provided society’s restricted sources, lots of don’t want to apply those resources to people that are just “making a bad decision.” You intend to use them towards the inexperienced, the ones who have not taken that initial step of getting a tablet prescription.

It’s ironic, because on the therapy side, the devices are already there. We really recognize what works. It’s really well developed.

There’s a lot of negativity that exists relative to methadone and buprenorphine. Which is extremely problematic, when you think that an additional article simply came out revealing that buprenorphine and methadone are absolutely the ideal at preventing opioid overdose and also opioid relapse as compared to a range of other treatments, including naltrexone, including domestic treatment, including outpatient treatment, including detox.

This book isn’t some shocking brand-new technology. I’m not saying ‘‘ Wow, we simply uncovered that these medications are great!’ It’s the total reverse. We’ve recognized for years that these are one of the most reliable treatments.

Andraka-Christou has actually spent years examining those laws, as well as in her brand-new book she describes exactly how they stop individuals with opioid use problem from accessing reliable, life-saving medicines such as buprenorphine and also methadone. NPR recently talked with Andraka-Christou about her publication, The Opioid Fix: America’s Addiction Crisis and the Solution They Don’t Want You to Have.

Source: NPR

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