Theories of Dual Diagnosis Prevalence

Concepts of Double Diagnosis Frequency

Originality is the barrier that makes individuals different. The means an individual thinks, acts as well as feels are the important things that make a person unique. Some may choose exactly how they live; some will certainly simply go with the circulation. Others may delight in something will certainly others may not even see the slightest fun beneath it. Some individuals take medicines in order to have a sanctuary of retreat from also much anxiety and pressure. For other individuals, peer stress, job stress and anxiety and boredom can cause the disease. It is easy to create something negative than something good because you never ever really have to confirm yourself. This is where dual diagnosis can be found in.


There are several concepts to clarify why a person who has a tendency to experience severe mental illness are significantly at risk to drug abuse. On the various other hand, there are likewise specific descriptions why co-existence of these habits prevails. Issues will certainly be additional described through the adhering to concepts:

1. Theory of Self-medication

In this theory, it recommends that when an individual that experiences a serious mental disorder begins to utilize several types and kinds of medications in order to soothe details signs and symptoms. Managing psychotic drug adverse effects are likewise handled. Significance, substances are not largely picked in an arbitrary stage however with great purpose.

Although, with the dependence of the specific to the medications in order to ease the signs and symptoms of his/her mental disorder, it results that the individual can no more continue life without having that medication. Instance, nicotine is a stimulant which takes care of sedation that is brought on by raised dosages of anti-psychotic drugs.

Although, this research study is not completely approved due to the evidences that certain people use medicines the exact same means that individual who doesn’t show any indication of mental health problem do.

2. Concept of multiple danger variables According to Mueser, there are numerous elements in the setting which needs interest and can cause co-existing disorders. A few of which is:

– Living a life where medications is extremely readily available and the person can suffer the behavior

– Poverty as well as absence of sources

– Lack of parent or grown-up guidance and also responsibility

– Lack of structured day-to-day activities

– Being associated to individuals who are currently using drugs

– Isolation from the normal social norms of life

Various other proofs likewise recommends that occasions in the previous life which are distressing like sexual assault can be straight associated to the psychiatric issue advancement as well as abuse of illegal materials.

3. Concept of Dysphoria

The simplicity of this theory states that when a person experiences dysphoria, he or she will cause drug dependency just to ease or decrease the tensions. Study shows that this is among the leading incentives in why a person results to alcohol or drug abuse.

4. Theory of Supersensitivity

According to Mueser, people that experience serious mental illness have organic and also emotional susceptabilities which can be regarded to genetic causes. Meaning, those that are suffering susceptability when a stressful event takes place in his/her life will certainly result to setting off a mental disease or relapses.

Some of these theories are entirely approved by physicians dealing with the customer who is experiencing dual medical diagnosis. These concepts can considerably help in the efficient medical diagnosis and plan of treatment of the very same taking place disorders.