The Haven Residential Treatment Program For Teens

the haven residential treatment

The Haven Residential Treatment Program For Teens

The Haven Residential Treatment Center is an excellent place for a troubled teen to receive treatment. However, there are many things parents need to keep in mind before sending their child to this type of facility. If you’re considering sending your child to a Haven Residential Treatment Center, here are some important facts you should be aware of before making a final decision.

-The Haven Residential Treatment Center is not just any other juvenile treatment center. This is a highly specialized program that offers specialized treatment for teens with behavioral problems resulting from drug or alcohol abuse. In addition to the specialized treatment, the Haven Residential Treatment Center also provides a number of outside programs to help the teen to transition into the residential program.

-Haven Residential Treatment Centers has a highly trained staff on hand to help with every aspect of the treatment process. There is no better qualified person to give you advice on your child than someone who has been there and experienced it all. They can give you sound advice based on their knowledge of the teen’s own situation.

-A wide variety of programs are offered at the Haven. It is possible for the teen to take part in one of the following programs: Peer Pressure, Alcohol/drug abuse, Anger management, Grief and Loss and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). There is also the option of one of the many after-school programs, which also serves the purpose of keeping the teen away from the computer and the social networks. Some of the after school programs include the following: Art and Crafts, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Music, Nutritional Education and more. The teen has the option to participate in the after school program of his choice throughout the year.

– Haven Residential Treatment Centers offers a full range of fitness and wellness programs. They offer several weight loss programs such as the Easy Step losing weight program, the Step program, the Lose 20 lbs diet program and the Lean Start program. The latter two programs have worked successfully for some of the most obese teens. These programs have worked for the reason that they enable the teens to set realistic goals and work towards attaining the goal set by them individually and collectively.

– Haven Residential Treatment Centers offers several types of residential treatment programs. There are the Flexible Residential Program, the Exceptional Teen Achievement program, the Life skills for Parents program and the Individualized Personalized Therapy and Dialog program. The Flexible Residential Program helps the adolescent to adjust to his new surroundings with the help of his family. This program offers the best alternative to the traditional residential treatment program.

– A wide variety of outpatient services are offered by the Haven. The services include Alcohol and Drug abuse Counseling, Grief and Loss Programs, Language Arts and Literacy, Parent and Partner Training, Social Skills and Problem Solving. For the teenager with a learning disability, the Haven provides special needs programs. The most important aspect of any treatment program is recovery. The Haven recovery program offers extensive services to meet the needs of the teenager.

– The Haven residential drug and alcohol rehab programs offer customized treatment plans for every client. The drug detox program and the residential treatment for teen with sexual addiction are very popular. The residential drug rehab program offers comprehensive rehabilitation, medical supervision, skill training and life coaching. The Haven Residential Treatment Center offers specialty drug treatment programs such as the Sex Addicts Anonymous Program and the Family Therapy Program.

– The Haven Residential Treatment Center offers one on one counseling and therapy for teenagers. The Family Therapy is specifically designed to work with the teenagers in their families. The Family Therapy program helps the teen to deal with family conflicts and to build a foundation of trust between the family and the addict. The Family Therapy also helps the teen to gain confidence and self-esteem. The Family Therapy is led by trained therapists who are committed to the treatment of the family.

– Alcohol and Drug abuse Counseling at the Haven is specially designed to meet the needs of the teen with a drug and alcohol problems. The Counseling is provided by licensed professionals who are committed to individual recovery. The Counseling can be Individualized or provided in classes. The Addiction Counseling program at the Haven offers a comprehensive approach to treatment, incorporating various types of therapy and behavioral techniques.

– The Haven residential treatment program provides a variety of activities and programs to facilitate recovery. These programs include Narcotics Anonymous, which is offered two to three times a week. This program focuses on the idea that the drugs and alcohol do not create a problem, but are an addiction. It teaches the teenager how to develop an understanding of reality, work through emotional issues and recognize and control their triggers. Motivational and life skills are taught so the teen has ways of approaching problems. The teen recovery program also incorporates music therapy, art therapy, yoga and spiritual counseling.