The Cracked Life On The Edge In A Rehab Clinic

Cracked Life on the Edge in a Rehab Clinic is Dr. Drew Pinksy’s account of the lives of many addicted patients treated for substance abuse in Las Encinas Medical Center in southern California. Although the book is aimed at those seeking treatment, its focus on recovery ultimately drives the message home. The title is a reference to the “cracked fence,” a common metaphor used to describe the physical barrier to recovery that drug addicts must cross in order to find sobriety and health beyond the drug addiction.

cracked life on the edge in a rehab clinic

The cracks in the fence represent both the personal crisis of addiction and the spiritual challenge of quitting drugs. The book describes these cracks in the fence by using the metaphor of arteries. An artery is just an example of the many vessels of the heart. The walls of the arteries are lined with layers of cells, and the inner walls are made of arterial walls. Each time a blood vessel is cut by a bulge, or by other trauma to the wall, new cracks are created as the old ones become weakened and allow fresh arterial blood to flow in.

Drug addiction does the same thing. A crack in the fence represents a life that has been shattered. Many who live their lives on the edge in a rehab clinic are aware of the damage caused by addiction, but many do not see the cracks as an obstacle to their recovery. In this light, the book presents a different view of the obstacles involved in getting rid of drug dependency. When you understand what these obstacles are, you can use them as stepping stones to overcome temptation. Without understanding what these obstacles are, you will never know what to expect when you step out into your own life on the edge.

The book contains a variety of case studies and illustrations to show the readers what it means to live this lifestyle. It introduces the reader to the types of addiction: alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, sex addictions, and surfing the Internet. While most of these are very common types of addiction, they represent only a small fraction of the problems encountered by those living life on the edge. The author uses various real life situations and stories to illustrate how people overcome addiction and how they apply successful coping strategies.

As one progresses from being an addict to being clean and sober, they discover that life on the edge does not have to mean that they are constantly worrying about relapse. This realization provides a great deal of hope for addicts and non-addicts alike. While it may be tempting to keep going back to a rehab clinic for support, constant relapse prevention is possible. One only needs to keep their head above water and they will eventually be free of addiction and living a full and happy life on the outside.

In this excellent book, Dr. Leary teaches recovering addicts how to effectively utilize healthy coping strategies and avoid succumbing to vices such as alcoholism or street drugs. Strategies such as these are not merely a short term answer to a complicated problem; they are tools that provide long-term recovery. Dr. Leary’s unique perspectives provide a helpful look at the nature of successful and lasting recovery, and how the causes of addiction may vary among individuals. By applying these coping strategies consistently and attentively, addicts will discover their own unique path to success.

When you read “The Cracked Life On The Edge In A Rehab Clinic,” you will discover a powerful set of steps that can help you gain control over your life. Through a series of stories, Dr. Leary presents the reader with an insight into how he overcame his own struggle with addiction and attained successful sobriety. Through this honest, humorous, and suspenseful story, the author provides encouragement and practical solutions that will help you make positive changes in your life. This accessible text is guaranteed to help you conquer problems and become the person you have always hoped you could be. This is “the crack life on the edge in a rehab clinic,” and it just might change your life.

“The Cracked Life On The Edge In A Rehab Clinic” by Joseph A. Leary is a terrifically effective book that provides detailed information about overcoming addiction. This engaging and fast-paced text makes the reader think critically about decisions and actions and allows them to develop new and effective strategies for living. This is a terrifically motivating and thought-provoking book that everyone should experience and read. The author’s expertise and story sharing capabilities provide an easy, yet powerful way to conquer addiction problems.