Medication-Assisted Treatment Centers Near Me

There are a lot of good rehab centers near me. But one of the best is located in Palm Desert, California. This community offers a wide range of treatment options including alcohol rehabs, drug rehabs, and mental health services for adults and teenagers. In addition to the above mentioned programs, it also offers outpatient care, inpatient care, residential treatment, and detoxification services.

What makes Palm Desert, CA so reputable in the field of rehab centers? The medical treatment center offers detoxification services to persons addicted to alcohol, prescription medications, street drugs, and other substances that are harmful to your body. A great percentage of these persons may have an underlying medical condition that can be treated through the use of medical drugs.

People suffering from addiction to alcohol may exhibit symptoms such as disinterest in school work or in activities, physical disabilities or debilitation, social withdrawal and even emotional withdrawal. They may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms that include insomnia, restlessness, nausea, dizziness, depression, and other similar symptoms. These persons may need urgent medical help for their alcohol rehabs. However, they can receive appropriate treatment at one of the many alcohol rehab centers near me. The medical staff at these facilities will help the person recover from alcoholism by providing detoxification, medication, therapy, counseling, and community integration.

An individual’s choice of an alcohol detox center is largely dependent on his severity of alcohol addiction and dependency. The facilities in Palm Desert make sure that no individual will be left out. Whether you choose a full service facility or a short-term rehab with a focus on immediate alcohol detox, you can be sure that you will be provided all the assistance and treatment you need. The medical staff is extremely dedicated to your needs.

One can find medical treatment centers near me that offer detox rehabilitation and other programs like pulmonary rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, drug and alcohol rehabs, psychotherapy, nutrition, and more. There are treatment options for alcoholism ranging from the very mild to the very severe. However, there are also rehab centers that specialize in certain types of treatment like bipolar disorder, obesity, migraine headaches, and much more. For instance, the Center for Drug Evaluation at Stanford provides inpatient treatment for those suffering from alcoholism and other substance addictions.

Stanford University has a reputation of providing cutting edge addiction treatment programs. The University offers two substance abuse treatment options: The Schizophrenia Treatment Program and the outpatient Treatment Program. Those who suffer from schizophrenia can benefit from a comprehensive treatment program including medication, cognitive therapy, group therapy, and support services such as yoga and music therapy. In addition, Stanford offers a Transforming Drug Education Program that educates patients and their families about the long term effects of addiction on the body, mind and spirit.

Another medical treatment centers near me that offer various treatment programs include the Arizona Medical Institute and University. This university is affiliated with the Arizona Department of Health Services. The ASI offers a number of outpatient programs including the Addiction Services Treatment Program, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of those with substance abuse disorders. The ASI also sponsors a Substance Abuse Treatment and Research Training Program for faculty and staff, and a CISE (Certified Alcohol Specialist) Program that is directed at high school students preparing to enter the field of addiction medicine.

Nearby are two other treatment centers near me that provide comprehensive treatment solutions for those suffering from addiction. The New England Addiction Treatment Center (NEAT) and the Plymouth State Hospital are just a few miles away from my home. They are accredited by the Commission on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and offer several treatment options including inpatient treatment, residential treatment, and detoxification. Whether you are suffering from alcoholism or another addiction, you should consider looking into these medical treatment centers near me.