How Much is Inpatient Rehab Without Insurance?

how much is inpatient rehab without insurance

How Much is Inpatient Rehab Without Insurance?

If you have been thinking about going to rehab for your addiction to alcohol or other drugs, you probably know how much is inpatient rehab costs. The cost of the program itself can be overwhelming, but not so much if you don’t have health insurance. Most people with insurance are covered, but there are a few exceptions to that rule. You may find you will have to pay more if you go to an inpatient setting, even if it is better equipped to treat you and your addiction. Here are some things to consider when considering how much is inpatient rehab without insurance.

Who is the staff treating you? If you go to an inpatient rehab facility, you are going to be treated by licensed professionals. They will likely be psychotherapists, physical therapists, nurses, social workers and dietitians among other therapists. If you go to a cheaper facility or one that does not have the best therapists, the cost will go up for everyone. This is why it is critical to choose a center that has all the modalities and staff members you need.

What are the specific issues in your case? This is very important, because there are different types of inpatient rehab without insurance. There are residential programs where you stay for a number of days or months. You may also be seen while you are at home. Some facilities offer outpatient services, which means you go to therapy sessions or counseling without leaving your home. The cost will vary depending on what type of program you choose.

When are you moving into the facility? Many rehab centers require you to move-in a couple of weeks prior to beginning your rehab. You cannot move until the center has transferred you to their inpatient waiting list. If you have insurance coverage, you might want to call your insurance provider to find out if they have a policy that can cover your rehab expenses.

Does your insurance company offer a rehab without insurance plan? If so, talk with them about the plan. If not, then you will need to buy your own insurance. Keep in mind that once you complete your rehab, the insurance company will probably not cover you again.

How much is inpatient rehab without insurance? In general, this type of program is more expensive than a residential program. The price will go up for several reasons, including your age and weight. However, if you have the right assets, you may be able to negotiate a more affordable plan with your insurance provider.

When should I contact my insurance company? You should never wait until you are in the hospital. This is because you may not qualify for the right amount or your insurance policy may be automatically canceled after discharge from the hospital. During this time, you should make sure that all of your bills are paid, you have obtained therapy and other services, and that you are following your program. Contacting your insurance company before discharge will allow you to review your policy and explore other options. It will also let them know what you have completed and how much you have paid.

Once you have found out how much is inpatient rehab without insurance, you should compare prices for care in the hospital versus in-home care. The out-patient services are less expensive, but you should ask about what you will have to pay for therapy. You will most likely have to pay for both in-home and hospital care. Also consider how many days you will be at the hospital and whether you will be kept overnight. It is often cheaper to stay at home than in a hospital.