Haven Treatment Center – What Can They Offer Your Family?

Haven in British Columbia is one of the leading drug addiction treatment centers. The motto of this rehab center is to provide an addict-centered outpatient drug treatment program, with the help of a trained staff and dedicated support from other professionals. The addiction treatment programs are based on twelve step programs and focus on long term recovery. Their drug addiction recovery programs are highly sophisticated and provide individualized services, so that every addict can get the treatment they need.

There are two types of treatment at Haven: the short term residential treatment and the long-term detox rehab center. The addict is detoxified under the care of a licensed physician. This person is specially trained to deal with drug addicts and to recommend the proper detox schedule for each patient. Once detox is completed, the addict will be prescribed follow up medication to prevent relapse. In most cases, when the addict completes the treatment plan, they will join a group of other people going through the same program to continue to improve their drug addiction recovery.

The treatment procedure for this center is based on twelve step programs that are based on cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach focuses on changing the behaviors that lead to repeated drug seeking behavior. This includes self-recovery through education about the abuse of drugs, developing an understanding of anxiety disorders and learning how to reduce stress. The addict will learn skills such as anger management and assertiveness. The treatment plan also includes group therapy and personal counseling sessions to help the addict to make changes in their thinking processes and habits.

After detoxification, the addict is taught skills to cope with withdrawal. These include professional skill training in acupuncture, hypnotherapy, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. The treatment team includes a licensed psychiatrist and psychologist, a counselor and therapist, and several family members, including partners and children. The treatment team provides individualized support to each addict. Family members play an important role in helping the addicts overcome their addiction. They help the addicts to understand their problem, get outside the emotional discomfort, support them during the treatment process, and commit to their recovery.

The Haven Addiction Treatment Center believes that one of the most effective ways to recover from an addiction is to focus on positive outcomes. Many addicts get so focused on their negative outcomes that they fail to see the good that they can do in their lives while they are in treatment. It is important to keep in mind that while you are receiving treatment at Haven, you have family and friends who are still involved in your life. You must make a commitment to your recovery so that when you leave the facility, you will have the strength to face your life and the temptation to return to drugs. This commitment includes the understanding that the family members are your lifeline to recovery.

The recovery process at Haven includes a gradual approach to breaking an addiction. Detoxification is the first step and is followed by stages such as education, motivation, education, and planning, all of which help the addict to be fully aware of the harm caused by their addiction. After detoxification, education is given about the disease of drug addiction and how it affects the body and the mind. Counseling and group activities are offered to help addicts re-enter the world and rebuild their lives.

Once you complete the treatment at Haven, you will need ongoing counseling to continue treatment and to stay clean and sober. In the therapy program, you will learn how to develop healthy coping skills that will prevent you from returning to drug use in the future. During the residential part of the program, you will be given the opportunity to participate in an intensive 12-step program and attend AA meetings where you can discuss your feelings and work through problems with other members of the program.

As with any addiction, it is important for family and friends of an addict to encourage the individual to follow a recovery program. Even if you don’t feel there is enough reason for concern about your loved one, you should never leave him or her alone. If a treatment center doesn’t have your support, your efforts may be in vain. At the very least, you should call the treatment center and schedule an appointment with a counsellor so that they can evaluate your loved one and provide the best care possible.