Does Rehab Centers Allowing Cell Phones?

There is no real consensus on whether or not to do rehab centers allow cell phones in their facilities. Many people wonder why they should let someone who wants to come stay at their house to use a phone when they have already checked in and did everything else. Others think that it’s simply not safe. Even the drug rehab center staff may have a hard time justifying not letting people in who have decided that they need help. On the other side of things, there are many doctors and nurses who bristle at the idea of not allowing patients to use cell phones. They feel that the patients, in many cases, have already demonstrated a level of responsibility in getting help from those around them.

One thing that is apparent about do rehab centers is that they do not want to upset the people who sell drugs in their facility. The phones and use of cell telephones by people in rehabilitation have long been a problem. Rehab centers use various tactics to try to deter drug salespeople. Some simply tell the person holding the business right away that they cannot have a cell phone at the facility. If they insist, other methods may be used. In some cases, the person is asked not to bring a cell phone home with them at all.

The fact that people know this doesn’t make them welcome any more. They don’t want you to know they’ve been tracking who they call or text. This fact, coupled with the fact that some counselors do encourage people to keep their phones close to them at all times, creates a certain tension within the facility. When they’re doing good works trying to help people, they can’t help but feel threatened by their patients’ freedom to choose. It makes for a very difficult working atmosphere.

Today, it is becoming more common for rehab centers to ask a potential client to turn over a cell phone. The rationale behind this varies from one counselor to another, but it’s usually based on security and the safety of the patients. While cell phone use in rehabilitation is a highly controversial topic, it’s becoming the more accepted practice.

Even if you’re not ready to give up your freedom, you should probably stick to using a land line. Cell phones can get so hot under the sun, they just aren’t worth taking out in the middle of the desert. Landlines are the safest way to carry around a cell phone. As long as you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Just because you’re not allowed to have a cell phone while you’re in treatment doesn’t mean you should give up on your home phone. Many facilities assign people to different groups based solely on their cell phone usage. If you stay with the group that doesn’t permit your cell phone, someone else may try to sell it to you. So be careful who you talk to!

You may be asked to turn your phone off at the facility during your detoxification period. It’s important to have a reliable method of communication during this time, especially if you want to make contact with loved ones back home. Cell phones at rehab centers are strictly prohibited, so don’t even consider trying to make a call. Your phone will most likely be taken away for a few days and then turned on again for a few weeks.

As long as you obey the rules of your facility, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with a cell phone during treatment. Cell phones may be considered contraband, but remember that you’re still a human being, and as such, you deserve to be treated humanely. Most centers allow you to keep your phone for a short time once you’re released from treatment. But don’t expect it to replace all of your contact with family and friends. You should always have a phone on you at all times, just in case.