Alcohol and Drug Treatment Funding – The Reality of Being Addicted

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Funding – The Reality of Being Addicted

Many alcoholics, especially those who are in the drug and alcohol treatment arena, are concerned about what happens when they leave rehab. What happens if they are caught in an accident and/or in an altercation with a friend? And what about the stigma of being an alcoholic, whether the patient is one of the fortunate ones or not?

Unfortunately, for many in these types of situations the answer may be more complicated than one would think. The fact of the matter is that alcohol and drug treatment facilities can’t afford to turn their patients away because of a lack of insurance, or because they’re not a “valuable client”. That’s why it is crucial that an individual seeking treatment for his or her alcoholism understand that it is possible to receive care without having to pay for any of it out of pocket, with private funding available through alcohol and drug treatment agencies, in some cases.

In order to receive such funding for alcohol treatment, an individual must first qualify for the assistance. This usually means that he or she will have to have a clean criminal history, along with evidence of sobriety that will stand up in court as proof that the individual is currently receiving treatment. Once he or she has been evaluated by a doctor, the process can then begin. If an individual can prove that he or she is actively undergoing treatment, along with a clean record, he or she will be able to apply for assistance from an agency that can help to cover most or all of the costs.

This type of assistance is often necessary because of the limitations of the government programs that provide financial assistance for treatment of alcohol and drug disorders. Those programs typically only pay for outpatient care, not long-term care that is required for individuals who are suffering from chronic alcohol or drug disorders. While these types of programs do exist, they can be extremely expensive to administer and provide for a person’s medical needs. That’s where the private funding comes into play.

Alcohol and drug treatment agencies in Arizona, along with other medical centers, will work with their patients to find a way to get their money back for the services they received, regardless of whether the patient has any other form of insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or no insurance at all. Some alcohol and drug treatment facilities are willing to work with patients who are not eligible to receive Medicaid. or Medicare, but will work with the patient to find a way to help him or her pay for the services that are rendered. if they can.

For a person who is interested in obtaining this type of funding to help with alcohol and drug treatment, a good resource for information on how to apply for funding in Arizona is Alcoholics Anonymous. This organization can provide detailed information on the application process, and how it works, as well as any available resources for private funding.

Many people in Arizona and across the country are looking to use their own resources and private funding to help pay for the care that they need, even if that care involves staying sober. When you take that first step toward getting help for your addiction, make sure that you are proactive about the process and take advantage of any available resources for funding.

Don’t wait until it’s too late or too difficult for you to get the right treatment for your alcoholism. Instead, learn as much as you can about your treatment options and find a place in which to receive treatment.