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ONDCP director nominated: It’s Gupta

West Virginia does not have an outstanding background when it involves treating opioid usage condition. In 2018, it led the nation in opioid-related problems (https://atforum.com/2018/09/west-virginia-leads-nation-opioid-problems/). More than 10 years earlier, the state set up a halt against brand-new OTPs on the misconception that methadone overdoses in the state were related to OTPs; they were not,… Read More »

Discover Useful Techniques For Coping With Depression

Having depression can cause a number of problems, from drug or alcohol abuse, to divorce or suicide. It’s a very serious disorder that needs to be treated seriously. If you are battling this illness, get help. This article can help you to feel happier in the meantime. If you are struggling with depression, one of… Read More »