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Powerful Tips For Dealing With Your Depression

People’s moods are always changing, sometimes moods change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. Sometimes, though, a bad mood doesn’t bounce back. A habitual feeling of being down can actually be a mood disorder known as depression. Find out more about it by reading these depression tips. Focus on foods that… Read More »

Scoping Review: Interim Methadone Services Can Offer a Lifesaving Hand When Someone Desperately Needs Help

When somebody with an opioid use disorder (OUD) seeks aid at a hectic opioid therapy program (OTP), interim methadone solutions– providing as much as 120 days of methadone application, without counseling– can make all the difference in that person’s life. Waitlisting is occasionally an OTP’s only option. That’s because lots of OTPs do not have… Read More »